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The enterprise culture is the soul of enterprise development , it inherited the enterprise value orientation and behavior standard , together with enterprise common belief and the whole force , incentive employee career pursuit and passion for work , is to create a business group style and character of a process, the enterprise culture is the core competitiveness of enterprises , the construction of enterprise culture all staff enthusiasm , promote enterprise's growing prosperity and sustainable development , Dongshan company is not only do production to manage , enterprise culture is a kind of unmixed stubbs .

Dongshan metallurgy enterprise culture -- moral benefit ecological responsibility

The moral " moral " , including business ethics , personal ethics , social ethics and occupation moral . As the enterprise, first of all to say integrity management , tax law, for the community to provide qualified products , provide quality services . Personal morality is the basic requirement for a person . Person , first must respect the old and love the young , respect for others , compliance with social morality to be model citizens , not to steal , lie , no harm to society . Occupation ethics is defined as a company, on behalf of the company to face the society, should follow the moral . Such as : compliance with specifications , complete tasks on time ; punctual commute, less absenteeism ; willingness to assist other colleagues to complete its work , friendly ; comply with company system .

Benefits of " benefit " , is the enterprise survival and the development essential . It includes : enterprise benefit , social benefit and individual benefit . Enterprise benefit is the ultimate pursuit of . But in the pursuit of benefits at the same time , paying attention to social benefits . As the personal benefit refers to a person to participate in the work , take part in social activities to obtain reward , is a survival and family demands, is the basic premise to do business . Enterprise benefit and social benefit , individual benefit the three unified , do each work is our pursuit .

Ecological " ecological " , including environmental status , living situation , production status , sustainable development . The importance of environmental conditions , living conditions , is the enterprise should strive to create a safe , no pollution , satisfying the production environment , and to ensure the production must be living environment . In the development of enterprises at the same time , can not damage the human by the interdependence of the natural environment .

Liability " responsibility " for corporate responsibility , social responsibility , civil responsibility , post responsibility . Corporate social responsibility is the enterprise should first of all , the investor is responsible for , this is company production , business activities of the starting point . Social responsibility , requirement enterprise commitment to social and national development service liability . The development and expansion of enterprises , the more should take more social responsibilities . Civil liability is a person to the society , the family , the enterprise should bear the responsibility . As a family member , a person responsible for the family's happiness and harmony , in order to improve the living conditions of unremitting efforts . As a citizen, a person should love the motherland , with their own labor for the country to contribute to the construction of . Post responsibility is a person , as the enterprise staff should fulfill the responsibility of . Employees , in accordance with the relevant regulations , correct operation , very humble , ensure smooth production , stable and high yield .